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2006 eShaft Catalog
Providing metric and linear shafting for the motion control industry for over 20 years
Metric and Linear Shafting, Support Rails, End Supports and Bearings
eShaft case 60 is engineered round linear shafting, manufactured to extremely close industry tolerances on diameter, straightness, and roundness. Designed for use in all motion control applications and engineered to exacting standards, eShaft is rapidly becoming the industry standard. Available in a range of sizes, both inch and metric, from 1/4 to 4 or 6mm to 100mm diameter.
  • eShaft Case 60 Linear Shafting is induction hardened, precision ground, and polished to the tolerances required by the demanding Linear Motion Industry
  • Linear Shafting Industry Class L , S , N and D
  • Inch sizes of Linear Shafting (1/4 - 4 Diameters)
  • Metric sizes of Linear Shafting (6mm - 100mm Diameters)
  • Pre-Drilled Linear Shafting (1/2 - 2 Diameters)
  • Stainless Steel Linear Shafting
  • Standard Aluminum Support Rails, Low Profile Steel Support Rails
  • Complete Selection of Linear Bearings, Pillow Blocks and End Supports


eShaft Specs

Material High quality Carbon 1060 or Stainless 440C produced in the U.S.
Case Hardness Varies by material type - See Chart
Surface Finish 8 RMS
Roundness Industry Superior
Cylindricity Industry Superior
Straightness .001 per foot cumulative, (TIR .002)


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